Raven Steals the Light: Summarizing the Story

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   box      changed      daughter      flew      floated      gave      heavy      human      in      magician      opened      pieces      Raven      sky      spoilt      steal      swallowed      tired      water      wish   
Raven wanted to the light from an old . When the old man's came down to the river for water, Raven himself into a hemlock needle and into her basket. The girl him when she drank the . Inside her belly, Raven changed himself into a baby. After he was born, the old magician loved him too much, and his grandson by giving to the child's every . Raven wanted to play with the that held the light.The old man couldn't say'"No," so he the box and the ball of light to . Raven changed into his bird form and up the chimney hole with the light. The magician flew after him. Raven got from carrying the light, so he broke off some and threw them into the . These pieces became the stars, moon, and sun.