Sedna the Sea Goddess: Summarizing the Story

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   became      bird      cried      cries      doesn't      face      fingers      flapped      food      grabbed      hands      hungry      hunter      hunters      interested      kayak      life      out      paddling      promised      provides      rescue      sank      storm      struck      threw      unhappy      well-dressed      whales      When   
Sedna wasn't in getting married, until she met a young who was and had a nice voice and her a good life. Even though he refused to show his , she agreed to marry him. When she got to her new home she found that her husband was not a man, but an evil , a raven. There was no home, no furs, and no except for fish. Sedna was very . Every day she for her father to come and her. Her father heard her and came in his . They were home when Sedna noticed her husband, the raven, coming after them. the raven came close, her father took the paddle and the bird, causing him to fall back. The angry raven then his wings at the ocean and caused a dangerous to blow up. Sedna's father was afraid for his , so he his daughter out of the kayak. When Sedna the side of the kayak with her fingers, her father hit her with his paddle until they broke off and into the ocean. Her fingers the seals and fish. Sedna grabbed the kayak again with her , but her father hit her hands until they fell into the ocean. Her hands became the and walrus. Sedna is now the goddess of the sea. When she's happy, she animals for the hunters; but when she's angry, she provide any food. When the are not successful, the people are .