The Monkey and the Crocodile: Summarizing the Story

This is a summary of the story. Complete the summary by typing the correct words into the gaps.

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   afraid      as      ate      back      because      best      branch      choose      chose      climbed      couldn't      crocodile      crocodile's      didn't      do      eat      every      fast      friend      friends      fruit      give      he      his      home      it      leave      liver      monkey      more      much      naval      off      river      sailed      save      taste      the      throw      together      told      tree      trust      wanted      was   
monkey and crocodileA monkey lived in a naval that had the fruit in the jungle. There was so fruit on the tree that the monkey was able to his fill every day, and then some into the water for a to enjoy. The crocodile ate as much as he and then took some fruit to his wife. After talking and sharing the fruit every day, the monkey and the crocodile became best . Everyone enjoyed the sweet of the naval fruit, but the wife became addicted to it. Not only did she want to eat more and fruit, but she also began to think about eating meat. She thought that, since the monkey the naval fruit day, his liver must taste as sweet and tender the fruit. She her husband to bring the monkey so she could eat it. The crocodile didn't want to do this thing, the monkey was his . She said that if he let her eat the monkey's liver, she would him. The crocodile had to between his wife and his friend the monkey. He very unhappy, but he his wife. That night he swam to the tree and invited the monkey to climb on his and go for a ride on the . The monkey didn't want to this because he swim, and was of the water. The crocodile said that friends could each other. So the monkey onto his back and they into the river. When they were in the river the crocodile apologised to the , and said that they were really going to the crocodile's home, where his wife wanted to eat the monkey's . The monkey understood that life was in danger. He had to think if he wanted to himself. He told the crocodile that he would be happy to his liver to the crocodile's wife, but it was hanging on a of the naval tree. If the crocodile took him home, would get , and give it to crocodile's wife. The crocodile swam back to the naval tree. The monkey jumped his back and climbed up the tree. Maybe he still lives there today.