Prepositions of Place and Time 1

For each space, type in the best preposition. If no preposition is needed, type an underline "_" instead.

Type all of your answers and then click on "Check answers".
   _      across      along      at      beside      between      by      for      from      in      into      next to      off      on   
1) My friend lives the 17th floor of a new highrise apartment building.
2) I'll be Toronto business next week. I'm looking forward to seeing Niagara Falls.
3) Let's get together after class today to work on our group project. We can meet a coffee shop downtown.
4) Please come to my party. I live 1439 Hardcastle Drive.
5) I know you don't want to be late. I'll be ready to leave just a few minutes.
6) I'll go shopping with you later. Right now, I'm watching a hockey game television.
7) Some learners of English as a second language have difficulty understanding the difference "during" and "while."
8) My friend says that families are more important than jobs. Therefore, he refuses to work overtime weekends.
9) I don't like the way the furniture here is arranged. Why don't we move the bookshelf the corner of the room?
10) Could you please get my camera? It's a box a shelf the bedroom closet.
11) My back is a little sore today. I spent a long time shovelling snow my driveway yesterday afternoon.
12) Before starting an exam, teachers usually ask their students to remove all books and papers the desks.
13) The man who sat me on the plane was going abroad for the first time his life.
14) While I was waiting the bus stop, it began to rain. I didn't have my umbrella, so I ran home to get it.
15) The little dog almost got hit by a car when it ran the street to get a ball.
16) I'm busy Thursday, but I can meet you for coffee Friday. Let's meet the entrance of the Bay Centre 1:00pm.
17) The boy's mother told him to put his toys a large box the couch because it was time for him to go to bed.
18) I'm looking forward to my trip to France this summer. I arrive Paris July 15th, and will be in the country two weeks.
19) The store is easy to find. Just go this street until you reach Heath Avenue. Then turn right and go two blocks. You can't miss it.
20) The meeting starts 11:00. There isn't a lot to discuss, so if everyone is time, we will probably be finished very quickly.
21) Henry studies science university day, but night he works part-time a service station.
22) Please hurry. The other members of our tour group are probably already waiting for us the hotel lobby.