Prepositions of Place and Time 2

For each space, type in the best preposition. Choose the best preposition from the words in brackets. If no preposition is needed, type an underline "_" instead.

Type all of your answers in the spaces and then click on "Check answers". If you need help, click on "Show a letter".
1) Don't worry. I'm sure we can rely (for/on/_) him to get us (to/at/_) there (at/on/_) time.
2) I can't sleep because I'm not accustomed (for/to/_) going to bed early.
3) I'm not sure where they live. Their house is either (in/on/_) Pandora Avenue or Johnson Street.
4) Although Robert and Andrew are brothers, they are not alike. In fact, one is quite different (to/ from/_) the other.
5) Helen is a nurse in the emergency ward of a busy hospital. Each day she has to deal (out/with/_) lots of accident victims.
6) Would you like to go (to/in/_) downtown with me after class?
7) Before the guest speaker's lecture began, some of the students helped bring extra chairs (in/into/_) the classroom.
8) I'm starving! I haven't eaten anything (since/for/_) early this morning.
9) I would have helped her but she insisted (for/on/_) doing it by herself.
10) There were some interesting fifteenth-century paintings (in/on/_) the walls of the castle.
11) If I'm not mistaken, Betty and Ted Andrews are throwing a big St. Patrick's Day party (on/at/_) Friday night. They live (on/at/_) 2898 Austin Avenue, don't they?
12) In my opinion, this table is similar (with/to/_) the one we bought last month, but it costs a lot less.
13) They have loved each other (since/for/_) a number of years.
14) I'd love to go to a movie with you (at/on/_) this Friday night. Shall we meet (into/in/_) the theatre or (on/at/_) the sidewalk outside?