Adverbs 2

In this gap-fill exercise, choose from the list of adjectives and adverbs in the box below. Enter one word in each gap, according to the grammar and meaning of the text.

Type all of your answers and then click on "Check answers". If you need help, click on "Show a letter".
   alone      amazing      everywhere      heavy      incredibly      rare      safely      sharp      silently      strong      well   
The cougar is an animal. Its back legs are longer than its front legs, so it can jump high; some cougars can jump up to six meters. It is extremely , too, and can drag its prey (which may be as as the cougar itself) for long distances, until it finds a place where it can eat its food . Its claws are very , but they can be pulled back into its toes, so the cougar can run . Cougars live ; they only meet with other cougars in order to breed. Cougars can swim , and climb trees. They used to live in North and South America, from Chile to the Yukon, but now they are quite .