Gerunds and Infinitives 1

In each gap, type either the gerund or the infinitive form of the verb in parentheses.

For example, "(write)" becomes "writing" or "to write".
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professorYuri was in his first year at university, studying History. He was rather a lazy student, and he tended to avoid (work) whenever he could. In the middle of the semester, his history professor gave out an assignment, due in two weeks. Yuri intended (do) the assignment, but he postponed (write) it for a week. The following week, he forgot (do) it. The night before the assignment was due, he suddenly remembered it, and rushed to the library. He tried (read) as much as possible on the topic, but there wasn't enough time. Yuri considered (ask) for more time to do his paper, but the History professor was known to be very tough on students, so finally he decided (cheat) and copy his paper from somewhere else. He found an old article on the same topic, and quickly typed it out. The next day, he submitted the paper.

The following week, he was alarmed (see) the professor approaching him, looking angry. "Is this your own work, or did you copy it?" asked the professor. Yuri denied (copy) the paper.
"If you expect me (believe) that, you must think I am very stupid," said the professor. "Every word is taken from an article I wrote myself five years ago. Did you really think I would forget (write) it?"