Present Perfect 1: Form

For each gap in the text, put the verb in parentheses into the present perfect tense.

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Jack (be) my friend for over 20 years. We (know) each other since we were children. Recently, he and his family (move) to a house on the same street as me, and now our children play together almost every day.

For the last ten years, Jack and I (play) for the same hockey team every Saturday. Jack is a better player than I am, but in the last few months he (have) some trouble with his left knee, and he (find) it hard to play a full game. He (see) the doctor several times about his knee, but the doctor doesn't know what is causing his pain. Jack (decide) to take a break from hockey for a while, so that his knee can recover. It's going to be lonely on the team without him!