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Malaria? In Canada?

Have you ever had malaria? If you have, the chances are that you (get) the disease in a hot country. Malaria is most common in tropical countries, especially those with wet and humid climates, where the mosquitos which carry the disease can flourish. However, recently, malaria (become) more common in Canada. According to a recent report, over 1000 people (contract) the disease in Canada in 1997, and the number (rise) every year since 1994. This is an alarming trend.

Why is the incidence of malaria rising here? The answer is travel. More and more Canadians travel abroad every year, and some of them catch malaria. However, when a Toronto woman (become) sick recently, her doctor (discover) that she had never travelled abroad in her life. She must have been bitten by a mosquito which (get) the disease from another sick Canadian.