From Carrots to Renovations: Practice Exercise

Choose the best word from the list to complete the following sentences.

Type all of your answers in the spaces and then click on "Check answers". If you need help, click on "Show a letter" or on the clue button (?) to see a clue.
   accidentally      carrots      cleaner      drain      electrical      kitchen      plumber      renovated      repaired      sink   
It is hard to believe that a kilogram of caused $10,000 worth of repairs to a kitchen. The dirty bunch of carrots were washed in the . As a result, the dirt from the carrots caused the sink to slowly. When the drain failed, a was called in. The plumber had to cut a hole in the floor to repair the drain pipe. The plumber cut the hot water pipe. The water damage affected the wires. Eventually, half of the wall was replaced and the wiring was . The cause of the drain problem was dirt from the carrots that got caught in the drain pipes and would not allow the water to pass through the pipe. In the end, the kitchen was completely . The carrots caused $10,000 worth of renovations, but a beautiful new was built.