Tarzan of the Apes: Writing Exercise

There are two ways to complete this exercise:
  1. Write it on paper and give it to your teacher.
  2. Type it on this page, print it out, and give it to your teacher.
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Your task

Like you, Tarzan is an ESL student. He finds learning English difficult and frustrating; talking with the chimpanzees and gorillas is much easier for him.


a letter to JaneImagine that you are Tarzan sitting high in a tree in the jungle of Africa. You are writing a letter to the young woman you fell in love with on your trip to England.


a letter to TarzanImagine you are the young woman (Jane) writing a letter to Tarzan.

Use any five of the following ten words or phrases:
enjoy, look forward to, expect, consider, learn, begin, used to, imagine, remember, stop

Print the page and give it to your teacher.