Constructing Law, Space, and their Subjects:
Landscape, Topography and Culture

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That these issues are not dead is evident from the dispute and subsequent negotiations in recent years between the Province of British Columbia and the Sons of Freedom Communal Doukhobors over the property regime to govern New Settlement, Krestova where the members of this traditionalist group live. The position of the SFCD is apparent in the following statement about the relationship between humans, God and land.

This land is the mother of us all and like the air we breath is a gift of God for all inhabitants.
It should not be bought or sold, or be bartered with.
Placing boundaries and stakes upon Mother Earth is exploiting it.
All mankind are children of God, free to enjoy the land through love and harmony with all creation.

Sign erected by the Sons of Freedom Communal Doukhobors at entrance to New Settlement, Krestova, B.C., 1995, during dispute with British Columbia government which wanted to survey the settlement and sell off lots to families in fee simple.

QUESTION Can you think of any legal device or regime within the knowledge and experience of the dominant legal system and culture in Canada which might be used to accommodate people like the Doukhobors who reject the ownership of land, but who wish to act as stewards of it?

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