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beginner writing
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Comparatives are adjectives that compare two nouns (people, places, or things).


Jill is 175 centimetres tall.

Jack is 150 centimetres tall.

Jill is taller than Jack.


Comparatives --

  • add "er" to adjectives that have one syllable. For example: Sue is short, but Monique is shorter.
  • use a double consonant if the adjective ends in "consonant + vowel+ consonant." For example: Bill is fat, but Ben is fatter.
  • change "y" to "i" for adjectives ending in "y" and then add "er." For example: Dan is happy, but Sherri is happier.
  • use "more" before adjectives with more than one syllable. For example: Graham is handsome, but Joseph is more handsome.
  • use as + adjective + as + noun when two nouns are equal. For example: Heather is as kind as Danielle.
  • have irregular forms. For example: the comparative of good is better.

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