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intermediate writing
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Welcome to a SAMPLE of the Intermediate Writing Course. For this sample, only Unit 2 is available. Several reference tools are available too. You can read the Study Guide and the Writing Tips and work on exercises in the Grammar and Structure section.

Please follow the red navigation arrows at the top or bottom of each page to view the sample.

This is an intermediate writing course in which you will focus on writing specific types of paragraphs and a five paragraph (250-500 word) composition. Intermediate Writing has comprehensive reference sections, an introductory unit, six study units, graded and ungraded writing assignments, a review exam, and a writing exam. The course runs for 13 weeks and offers approximately 39 hours of online learning and 39 hours of offline instruction.

This course will help you develop your ability to write different styles of paragraphs and improve sentence construction. A variety of writing concepts and techniques are illustrated to guide you in developing clearer, more organized writing. Also, you will have the chance to practice effective revision of your work with the guidance of your tutor.

You will have a tutor to guide you through the course and give you feedback on your assignments. Your tutor will review your writing and offer suggestions for improvement. You and your tutor will communicate by WebBoard. Also, you may have a chance to meet and learn with your fellow students when your tutor brings you together online for discussions about writing practice.

The Intermediate Writing Course is part of the Online English Language Program. In addition to this course, the Program includes the Beginner Writing Course and the Advanced Writing Course. These courses are designed to help students develop better writing skills at the sentence, paragraph, and multi-paragraph levels.