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intermediate writing
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Grammar & Structure


This Grammar and Structure reference tool provides useful information about grammar and sentence structure. Each point has an explanation, example sentences, and a practice exercise.


Reference Lists Structure
Common Adverbs Simple Sentences
Common Prepositions of Place Compound Sentences
Expressions of Quantity Complex Sentences
  Sentence Combining: Part A
Grammar Sentence Combining: Part B
Adjectives Sentence Errors — Run-on Sentences: Part A
Adverbs Sentence Errors — Run-on Sentences: Part B
Conditionals Sentence Errors — Fragments
Gerunds Adjective Clauses
Imperatives Adverb Clauses
Infinitives Independent and Dependent Clauses
Modals Noun Clauses
Participles Adjective Phrases
Passives Adverb Phrases
  Linking Words