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intermediate writing
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Brainstorming means writing anything that comes to your mind. It means writing without stopping. To brainstorm you start with one idea and let your thoughts go in whatever direction they will. Once you have a general idea for a topic, you can use brainstorming again to generate ideas about that topic. You can write either words or sentences.



Topic: Victoria

Victoria is a beautiful city.
There are a lot of gardens.
By the ocean Sailboats and cruise ships Beaches right in the city.
People do a lot of outdoor activities, sailing, sailboards, hang gliding, hiking, kayaking, skiing, swimming, fishing, walking, golf.
Tourism is a big industry Clean with many gift shops and attractions.
Entertainment and museums.
Mostly bureaucracy, education, navy, high tech, tourism.
Beautiful houses, lovely gardens, tree lined streets.
Statistics, population and climate.
Location and economic statistics regarding the type of business and tourism industry.